26 July 2014

Cape Town International Nodebots Day

Join us on International Nodebots day and build a Javascript powered robot.

This will be the first Nodebots day on African soil.

What we doing

We will start the day of learning the basics of hacking hardware using Javascript, getting those LED's to blink and strobe. Once everyone feels in control of LED's we will control a few other pieces of hardware using Javascript.

By this time you will be so confident you will start building a robot! Meet Sumobot, we might even give him/her some eyes. Definitely hang around for the first Sumobot fight in Cape Town. Your own teams sumobot might be crowned the first ever Somubot champion of Africa.

If you have your own Arduino, RasPi or what not based bot you would like to hack in the company of others please also please join us. We are a curious lot!

What to bring

• A laptop if you have one

• An Arduino starter kit of sorts:

• https://www.robotics.org.za/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=61&search=sparkfun

• http://netram.co.za/1068-arduino-proto-kit.html

• Other things you would like to hack

• A AR.Drone 2.0. Parrot drone if you have one... we'll give it Javascript wings

• Any PS3 dual shock or Wii controllers you have laying around...

• Don't forget a sense of humor and some crazy ideas!

What will you get?

• The entry fee of R200, will give you access to parts for building a Sumobot:

• We will work in groups of 4 

•  If you would like to build one to take home, it can be arranged.

• For R575 you can buy an Arduino(DFRDuino) starter kit - with everything you need to learn the basics of using Javascript with hardware.

We will provide lunch.


We are currently looking for sponsors which will bring the cost of the day down. Shout if you know about prospective sponsors!

Thats about it.

Old hands?

Are you an old hand at Robotics, Arduino, Node or even Johhny-5 please contact me we need some hands on the day.