15 February 2018

February.Jozi.js: for the love of the craft

Let JavaScript be your valentine. For the month of February, we'll have a lightning talk (still TBD) and then a deep-dive into logging in JavaScript with Ryan Kotzen (@eXigentCoder). Come along for some beer, pizza and JavaScript!

(*or analogous celebratory beverage)


  • 18:30 - Food and blah blah.
  • 19:00 - Lightning Talk (TBD).
  • 19:15 - Better Logging in JavaScript - Ryan Kotzen (@eXigentCoder).
  • 20:00 - More blah blah.

Better Logging in JavaScript - Ryan Kotzen (@eXigentCoder)

Have you seen this type of code before? Has this been your life at some point? Looking for a better way to figure out what's happening in your code and log important information? Well then, come join us for a as we explore how logging has evolved and how you can implement these concepts to make your life better!