20 April 2017

Jozi.JS April Meetup - Be awesome and kind


  • 18:30 - Introduction
  • 18:45 - Lightning Talk (15 mins) - Gergana Young (@gerybbg)
  • 19:00 - Talk (45 mins) - Pat Kayongo (@PatKayongo)
  • 19:45 - Food, Open Floor / Show-and-Tell / Code critique.

Server Side Rendering - What is the point?

Gergana Young (@gerybbg)

One of the latest SPA crazes, server side rendering. Should we be using it? Why do we need it? How do we do it?

The What, Why and How of React Native

Pat Kayongo (@PatKayongo)

Building mobile applications for multiple platforms has always been an expensive challenge. The talk walks through React Native, Facebook's answer to this problem, with a live demo of how it works.

Open Floor / Show-and-Tell / Code critique:

Like open-mic night except for JavaScript. Do you have something cool that you want to share, or get some feedback on? A specific problem that you're not quite sure how to solve, or just want some community code review? This is the time!

Let your hair down, figuratively or literally, and let's just talk about code.