21 February 2019

Jozi.js February

For February we are going to be looking at stretching JavaScript! Thande is going to talk to us about moving to JavaScript from Dyalog, and Richard is going to be looking at machine learning in the browser using tensor flow. Join us for some drinks, pizza and JavaScript!


  • 18:30 - Food and blah blah.
  • 19:00 - From A Programming Language to JS

Asimthande Majola (@amajola_)

  • 19:30 - Machine learning in the browser - Richard Young (@richardyoung00)
  • 20:00 - More blah blah.

From A Programming Language to JS

Asimthande Majola (@amajola_)

This talk will be about a transition from Dyalog APL to JavaScript. Detailing to weird move from an old but still kicking language to a modern "Here are all the pieces now put them together” language which is JavaScript.

This will include a detail description of what Dyalog is so everyone can get the feel of what I was doing before. Then I will be talking about the languages differences and how JavaScript has made my development workflow so easy. And to close everything off I will be talking about what I'm currently working on and how different the workflow if I did not have JavaScript

Machine learning in the browser: Richard Young (@richardyoung00)

Machine learning has earned a reputation for needing complex mathematics, gigantic datasets and expensive hardware. This has unfortunately led many developers to see machine learning as something out of their reach. I will show you how we can make use of the web browser to run prebuilt tensorflow.js models just as we would use any other JavaScript software library.

We will look at the advantages of using the web browser for doing machine learning, and how we can take advantage of something called transfer learning to tweak existing models to do some really fun things in the browser. This talk is suitable for beginners and no existing machine learning knowledge is required.