19 October 2017

Jozi.JS October Meetup - It's never too late to start

So what is Polymer, anyway?

Mike Geyser (@mikegeyser)

Polymer is not just a framework, it is an ambitious attempt to scry into the future and inform the present - to steward and direct the evolution of the Web Platform.

This talk will give a brief overview of Polymer 3.0, the direction of WebComponents and make a case for why you should care about Polymer and the direction of the Web Platform.

gRPC: an Alternative to the REST?

Pieter Louw (@pieterlouw)

While our public API’s these days are mainly REST,it has become possible to expose our services through gRPC in addition to REST.

Join this journey to see what gRPC is and in what ways it can improve your API and/or internal service communications.