21 June 2018

June.Jozi.js: just keep swimming

The month of June is upon us, and time for another Jozi.js. This month Mike's going to tell us about polymer and lit-html, and we're still trying to confirm the lightning talk! Nevertheless, there will be drinks*, pizza and JavaScript!

(*or analogous celebratory beverage)


  • 18:30 - Food and blah blah
  • 19:15 - TBD - TBD
  • 19:30 - The Polymer PWA Starter Kit - Mike Geyser
  • 20:00 - More blah blah.

The Polymer PWA Starter Kit: Mike Geyser

Today we will build a PWA! We will take one part polymer, one part lit-html, and one part redux. We will then mix thoroughly and place on top of a sw-precache configured service worker. Covering the result with a combination of chrome puppeteer and WCT suites, we will bake it for approximately 45 minutes using the polymer-cli.

This code-heavy talk will look at lit-html, LitElement, and the PWA Starter Kit. We will explore how the starter kit is set up, and build a simple PWA using it.