22 March 2018

March.Jozi.js: Take nothing for granted

The year seems to be charging full-steam ahead, and it feels like we're all struggling just to hold on! We have another two speakers lined up for March, but are waiting for final confirmations. One way or another, we will have drinks, pizza and JavaScript - come and join us!

(*or analogous celebratory beverage)


  • 18:30 - Food and blah blah.
  • 19:00 - A real world application using Vuejs - Sello.
  • 19:30 - JavaScript: A Test - Richard Young (@richardyoung00)
  • 20:30 - More blah blah.

A real world application using Vuejs

In this session I will be talking about some of the core concepts of VueJs, including:

  • Components
  • Vue-router
  • Vuex
  • Events bus. The talk will be structured around how to use the above concepts to build a real world application, in this case a music streaming service - or at least the front-end of such a service.

JavaScript: A Test

This will be a practical approach to testing both browser and server JavaScript code. We will look at how to set up a testing framework for your project as well as some of the types of tests you will be likely to write. We will touch on testing components, APIs, mocking, snapshot testing and even how to approach that horrible piece of jQuery code that lives in a dark corner of your code base.