20 September 2014

Nodebots Spring hackday

Let's get together again and hack some Nodebots.

Join us for a day hacking hardware using Javascript.

We will focus on Sensors this time teaching the Soccerbots we built last time some new tricks.

We will do line following, navigate out of tight spots with an ultrasonic sensor and see what we can do with an Infrared sensors.

There will also be some Tessel micro comtrollers (tessel.io) that you can play with on the day. We have one of each of the available modules. So think of something interesting to do.

If you are new to Arduino and Nodebots we will get you blinking some LED's quickly and you will be able to join the fun in no time at all.

Or alternatively just come and built something interesting on the day and give us a demo at 16h00.

We hope to provide lunch courtesy of The Cape Town Google Developers Group

Cost: R100.00 per person

What to bring

• A laptop

• An Arduino/Arduino starter kit if your have one

• Any electronic components you might own

• Breadboard and jumper wires

• Soldering iron and other tools

What we will provide

• Ultrasonic sensors

• PIR infrared sensors

• Components for line following

• Tessels

• Nodebots (soccerbots and others) to hack on

• There will be a limited number of Arduinos people can use.

You can buy from us:

• An Arduino starter kit with electronic components to get let me know going with http://node-ardx.org : R575 - Let us know in advance if you will need one of these

• An Nodebot starter kit with an ultrasonic sensor and bluetooth support - a robot chassis/car to built on the day and to take home. With or without an Arduino. Price to be confirmed.

• Sensors - ultrasonic, Infrared PIR - R65

• Bluetooth serial module: R135

• Ask if you need something else

Dedicated parking will be available.