22 November 2018

November.Jozi.js: head in the clouds

We're going to end off the year with out head in the clouds! JavaScript is ideally suited to running in the cloud, and our November speakers are going to show us how. Gergana will teach us how to automate your life, and Peter will explain serverless architectural patterns. Join us for some drinks, pizza and JavaScript!


  • 18:30 - Food and blah blah.
  • 19:00 - Automate your life with Azure - Gergana Young
  • 19:30 - Application Development on Steroids - Peter Gwaka
  • 20:00 - More blah blah.

Automate your life with Azure: Gergana Young (@GerybBg)

Machine learning, neural networks and image processing are things that require quite a bit of in-depth theoretical knowledge to implement. They have so many every-day, useful applications that we take for granted. Facial and voice recognition, natural language processing, even something as simple as auto-complete, all use some form of machine learning. Surely, there must be a way for us to use the power of machine learning without having all of that algorithmic knowledge. The short answer is; yes, we can.

For the longer answer, and to find out how, join me for this talk. Using the cloud (the Microsoft one in this case) I will show how easy it is to add facial recognition to your application, and automate some of the simple tasks we do every day. No mathematics needed!

Application Development on Steroids: Peter Gwaka (@peter_gwaka)

This talk will describe what a serverless architecture is and how to make use of a serverless backend in your application. It will cover the services that are provided by a serverless architecture and how they add value in the rapid creation of an application.