28 October 2014

The State of Node.js in South Africa and the way forward

Qawelesizwe Mlilo is a passionate NodeJS dev that has been building tools for the community and wants to show off what he has offer to the community at large. In this session we take a step back from the usual tech only view. And have a look at the ecosystem of NodeJS in S.A, how it's growing and who's using it.

Some topics include:

• Active communities

• Companies using Node.js

• Projects/products built with Node in SA

• Node.js job market

• Node.js developers

After which we will focus on what Qawelesizwe believes is the path forward to keep the momentum growing.

• Building communities

• Co-ordination of communities

• Teaching & Learning (or learning through teaching)

• Node.js Market(jobs and developers)

Qawelesizwe has been building a social platform for NodeJS in South-Africa. He will be introducing and defining his goal with the platform. Getting some useful feedback and any help from interested community members.